One step forward, two steps back

Oh man, what happened to our wonderful sleeping baby?! Gabrielle went from sleeping great and waking up once a night to feed, to trying to figure out how to turn and waking up maybe twice a night, to I don’t know what she’s trying to figure out now but she won’t go to sleep and is waking up 3 times a night. Rough!

She’s getting quick with that flip from her back to her stomach. If her back touches the floor, BAM, flip, done! Once she’s on her stomach, she doesn’t flip anymore. She just stays there, chewing on her hands. Then she grunts and flexes all her muscles, trying to find a winning combination that would make her go forward. She started getting her legs under her and lifting her butt in the air then pushing her legs out to go forward, except with her torso and arms flat on the floor her legs just fall back without pushing her forward. Too much friction.

She’s got a doctor appointment next week and I can’t wait to find out how much she’s grown. I weighed her the other day and she was at 13.5 lbs! Ack, she’s so big!

The cats. Oh the cats. They were driving us mad, we were about ready to dump them at the animal shelter. I was getting up once a night for the baby, but 3 times a night for the cats. Raven keeps crying the kitchen, Anathema keeps chasing Raven around while making more sound than a pack of hippos, Anathema starts scratching us in the face at 2am to get fed. We were willing to put up with all this when we didn’t have the baby, but now with Gabrielle around 1) we don’t want them to wake her up and 2) we don’t want them to wake us up. We remembered they were calm and peaceful (and fat) while they were on dry food. This wet food we’ve been giving them for a year or two is great for their figure, but gosh they are A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G. Every second of every day, they’re in our face going “food? food? FOOD? FOOD?” We figured fat cats are happier than homeless cats, so back to dry food they go. Ahhhhh, it’s only been a few days but they’ve mellowed out a bunch already, thank you! Now if only Gabrielle could go back to sleeping peaceful nights, we’ll finally be set to get some sleep!


One thought on “One step forward, two steps back

  1. This is so funny… we give our cats wet and dry food. We used to try to give only a little dry food because one of our cats is really fat. But he’s also really annoying when hungry and when Anna showed up we just overfeed him and don’t care. Better to have a happy fat cat than a skinny annoying one.

    The waking up at night thing comes and goes – hang in there as it does get better.

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