Yep, here we are, back to 139. I was expecting an increase, what with the weekend away and all. Eating 3 meals a day in restaurants, it does something to you no matter how careful you are. We did walk a lot and I’m just glad I didn’t make it back to 140.

The weekend in Monterey was a lot of fun. Gabrielle isn’t big enough to see much when she’s in the front pack, unless she’s sleeping she really doesn’t like it for too long. We carried her in our arms the whole weekend, and you’d think that would be a drag but Chris and I still fight about who gets to hold her and how long. Either way, we couldn’t walk five feet without someone gushing about how cute she was, we couldn’t agree more!

We came back very late Sunday night. On Monday, we asked nicely (forced) my mom to work. She watched Gabrielle from 11 to 4:30 so we could “sleep.” I put sleep in quotes because once we found ourselves at home alone, sleeping is the last thing we wanted to do! We could work out, we could play video games, we could go out on a date, we could watch a movie uniterrupted… there was just too many options! We ended up grabbing sandwhiches and a beer for lunch, played Halo, watched a little TV, I took a very long shower, and then, yep, inevitably we crashed and slept for 2 hours. I guess even the excitement of being alone was not enough to keep us awake! I felt guilty to dump Gabrielle with my mom while we were available to watch her ourselves, but as much as we love Gabrielle this little time alone was refreshing. Thanks mom!


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