For the last 2 years, Chris and I had gone to PAX (the video game expo in Seattle) with my brother. This year we didn’t want to take the plane yet with a baby so young, but we were still wanting a little vacation so we took off for Monterey! We figured Gabrielle would love to see all the fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. From Santa Barbara it’s no further than San Diego is, and we went to San Diego without a hitch over a month ago, so why not! My parents were even spending the weekend in Santa Barbara so we wouldn’t need a pet sitter, it all fell into place perfectly.

We wanted to do most (all) of the drive during Gabrielle’s sleepy time, so we woke up at the ungodly hour of 3:30am (I have photographic evidence). Honestly, we laid in bed for 10 minutes going back and forth about snoozing…

Ariane: Time to get up
Chris: You think we should just wait until 4:30?
Ariane: I was thinking the same thing. Want to sleep for another hour?
Chris: I don’t care, do you?
Ariane: I don’t care. Pick something.
Chris: We can go now.
Ariane (resetting alarm to go off at 4:30)
Chris: ha, you’re setting the alarm for 4:30?
Ariane: yep
(Quiet for 15 seconds as we were trying to settled back to sleep)
Anathema: Meow?
Raven: Meeeeeeoooooowww??
Gabrielle: cough, cough, is someone else awake?
Ariane & Chris, in chorus: Yep, ok, let’s go!

So we got up, fed the baby, fed the cats, packed the car and got i
on the road. It’s a 4 hour drive and Gabrielle slept the first 3. When she woke up at 7, we stopped for coffee and pastries, fed her again, and back on the road we went. She was awake for a few minutes, laughing and talking all by herself in the back (so cute!), and fell back asleep with ever crying. She is such a sweet girl!

We arrived in Monterey at 8:30am, and luckily they let us check in at the hotel right away. We dressed Gabrielle in a thight bundle (it’s 50 degrees all year round in Monterey) and went off to the aquarium. Oh my gosh, she LOVED it! She loved watching all the people, all the brightly colored tanks, all the moving fish! We actually bought an annual membership because we were convinced she would like it (plus it’s a cheap weekend getaway for us if we need time off), and we’re so glad we did. I love this little town.

We tired her out good though. She fell asleep in my arms while we were still at the aquarium so we headed back to our room where she’s been napping for THREE hours. Looking at fish is a hard job, people! We got a chance to nap too, thankfully.

Later today, an ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli is in order!


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