Can’t sleep, must practice!

You know that elusive rolling that happened once and then disappeared? It’s baaaaack!

And I learned something about my daughter, when she’s acquiring a new skill, she won’t sleep until she has mastered it. She had a hard time sleeping Friday night and last night, whenever she’d wake up in the middle of the night she’d try to turn to her tummy and got frustrated instead if soothing herself back to sleep.

We bought an alphabet floor foam mat to play on, and all morning she was practicing rolling to her tummy and back. Rolling from her stomack to her back is pretty quick, but she can’t quite turn from her back to her stomach yet. She’s so so close, she’s just missing that one little last inch, but she can do it if she has something to hang on to pull herself all the way.

After a while on the play mat she was tired and whiny, but don’t go trying to pick her up or she’d throw a hissy fit because she HAD to practice! Finally she just passed out on me now after a short freak out session, the poor thing was exhausted. I got a feeling this afternoon will include more floor time until she’s got that rolling down to a science!

I received my lens on Friday, it is wonderful! I am taking awesome pictures already, although I have to admit my mom set up it all up with the right settings before giving it to me. The problem is that we don’t have a card reader to transfer the pictures to the computer, so they are stuck in the camera for now! We’ll go buy one this afternoon so I can share my wonderful pictures with you!


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