3 months

Here it is, the big event, the it thing, the momentous occasion, the coolest thing since sliced bread… Gabrielle is 3 months old!

She smiles, she coos, she talks, she laughs, she plays, and I’m pretty sure she grew 50% bigger in the last week! Her big 6 months clothes are actually not so big anymore and the other day I came home to find that my mom had inadvertently put her in a 9 month onesie and – gasp – it fit. Whoa, baby.

It seems like rolling over was a one time thing since she’s never done again. I guess the stars were aligned and the conditions just right that one time. Oh well. I noticed that last night she slept on her side for the first time, I wonder what that means. Grasping was definitively not a one time thing though, oh how she grabs and she grabs and she grabs!

She is trying to sit up now. If you have her laying at an angle on your legs, she will fuss until you sit her up. It’s a whole new perspective. She needs help sitting of course, if I don’t hold her she slumps forward until she’s folded into yoga position that is so not kosher. Unless eating your toes is kosher in which case she’s golden.

I hate saying anything good about her sleeping habits because she always goes and does the opposite the next day just to prove me wrong, but here goes. She does sleep from about 9pm to 6:30am with one feeding sometime around 2am. There, I said it, I hope I didn’t jinx it. For a while there she slept until 7:15am which gave me plenty of time to get ready for work, a good thing since it’s just her and me in the morning seeing as Chris leaves before dawn. 6:30 is a little harder, but I make it happen! She’s super happy in the morning, so she cooperates as I try to wrangle on clothes, brush my teeth, make a lunch, etc.

And the cutest thing, she started to like getting kisses! Before, I’d give her kisses on the cheeks and she was all like “whatever”, looking bored out of her mind. But now I give her loud kisses on the cheeks and she smiles and laughs, and sometimes tries to eat my nose. Hey, anything in proximity to her mouth is open game!

My lens was shipped this morning from Ontario, CA. I’m hoping I might receive it today, I want to play with it this weekend!


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