My mechanic was able to fit me in today and turns out all my car noises were all just one problem: the rear braking pads. My car made a whiny high pitch noise when backing up (it sounded as if I forgot my emergency brake on) and a horrible metal clicking sound sometimes going forward (that one sounded like pieces of my engine were rattling around, very scary).

I recorded both noises with my phone so he could hear them since they didn’t happen all the time. Well my mechanic said I was the first person to ever do that (seriously?!) and he thought I was very cool.

Anyway, he said when the rear brake pads give out it can make that noise when backing up, which anyone could have guessed cause it sounded like brakes, but the rattling noise?? Yep, the braking pads apparently can also making a rattling noise going forward, who knew!

Best of it all, the pads are recalled by Honda for “aging” prematuraly, so I can expect to be reimbursed after I mail a claim. Best visit at the mechanics ever!

Also good news, we were somehow able to save some money this summer despite our new expense maker. Our house savings account jumped from 24% of our goal for a down payment to 26%. Whoo!


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