12 weeks

I’ve heard baby’s first 3 months are the hardest. When do you celebrate that hurdle, at 12 weeks (today) or at 3 months (August 27th)? I’ve also heard that there’s the mother of all growth spurts that calls for a major case of the crankies at 12 weeks so we may not be out of the woods yet… let’s wait until August 27th to breathe a sigh of relief, shall we?

Nevertheless, Gabrielle is 12 weeks today and that’s pretty big! She celebrated by partying all night. She was up 3 times. Wooh. On top of a stressful week at work plus some bouts of insomnia on my part, I got a feeling my work day today is going to be a special kind of awful.

Maybe you’d feel sorrier for me if I didn’t mention that the insomnia was somewhat self-inflicted. It all started way back in Japan last Thanksgiving. When I’d wake up at 2am and had a hard time going back to sleep, I’d read. I could read for hours without falling asleep, which was enjoyable for me since I usually fall asleep in 5 minutes flat while reading in the evening. For the rest of my pregnancy I had a real hard time sleeping during those wee hours, so I kept up the habit. Hey, I could always nap later!

Now I have to get up during those hours to feed the baby (which only takes about 20 minutes) but then I have a hard time falling asleep cause it’s that magically time when sleep just doesn’t come to me easy. So I read. Only, the book I’m reading these days is sort of nerve-racking, so yeah, allegedly I am reading way longer than I should in the middle of the night. On a weekday. With no possibility of napping in sight. Stupid, I know!!


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