The 3 month jitters

I had a theory. Newborns are not meant to be taken out and about. As such, we kept Gabrielle pretty much at home for 3 months. I never once tried to take her to a restaurant or a store. Alas we are approaching the 12 week mark and it’s time to change! I feel she’s past the newborn stage and she enjoys looking around. We bought a traditional front pack (the Ergo) that she loves a 100 times more than the wrap I had before. Time to take this baby out!

Last night Chris’ childhood friend Frank, who spent the summer in SoCal for an internship, came up to Santa Barbara to see us. We went out to our local mexican restaurant WITH Gabrielle! We took a table outside on the empty patio so I could get up and walk around without bothering anyone if she cried. Well I only got to enjoy half of my dinner cause she started to whine every time I sat down, but overall I’d say it was a success. Ok, maybe not a total success, but not a disaster either! I wouldn’t take her out to a real sit-down restaurant yet, but the little cantina patio was just right for her first restaurant.

This morning it was a trip to Target in Ventura! The plan was that we’d wait until she was tired, have her sleep in the car ride over, show her all the exciting stuff there is to see at Target, then have her sleep in the car on the way back. Well she slept in the ride there, slept all thru Target, then woke up and cried on the way home. No baby, that was not the plan!!

We bought some awesome cable-knit leg warmers at Target though so not all was lost. Yes, baby leg warmers! How wonderfully 80s!

Now we are working on labor day plans. Where could we take her that she’d enjoy?


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