A little sick

Gabrielle’s had a little fever yesterday and today. Poor thing. She doesn’t have any other symptoms and looks happy enough. My mom talked to my uncle who’s a doctor and he said she’s around the time when their immunity system starts kicking in. It can go into overdrive and produce a little fever I guess. Let’s hope it’s just that!

I took my weight Friday morning again. I want to observe this whole week-loose-weekend-gain trend. Last week I had lost 3 lbs during the week and gained 2 over the weekend. I was starving and overindulged. This week I lost 1.5 lbs between Tuesday and Friday. I started this weekend feeling less hungry so I hope it will be a less disastrous weekend than the last. I don’t want to loose weight too quickly, but if I’m eating healthy and losing it anyway then might as well not yo-yo, you know?

Chris and I decided to watch a movie today. We’ve been working on watching one 30 minute tv eposide from Netflix all week and between the baby and being tired, we end up only watching 5 minutes every night if that. So you understand that renting a movie from iTunes knowing we’d have only 24 hours to watch all 2 hours of it, man, that was quite a commitment! We rented “Date Night” with Tina Fey. We really enjoy her in the tv show “30 Rock”. But holy cow, the movie sucked! I can’t believe we wasted 2 precious hours of baby-is-asleep-time watching that movie!

Chris and I were talking about it afterward. It is one of those “married couple survives adventure and come out realizing they still love each other even after all those years of their mundane family life” stories. It always portrays the wife as bitter about having to juggle her family. HAVING to cook dinner, HAVING to drive the kids to soccer, HAVING to bathe them, HAVING to put them to bed. And the husband is bitter cause his wife MAKES him pick up his socks, MAKES him go to book clubs, MAKES him do chores.

Oh my gosh, shoot me in the head already! We both finished the movies with a feeling of “wow, we shouldn’t have gotten married, we shouldn’t have had a kid, we’re going to be miserable!”  The whole mundane life was not really supposed to be the point of the movie and it was supposed to be a comedy, but that’s the part of the stories that stuck with us. It took us a while to shake it off and realize “wait a minute, we’re married, we have a kid, and oh yeah, I remember now, we’re HAPPY!”

Why do movies have to make married and family life sound so horrible and rigid?


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