11 weeks

When we visited my sister-in-law Jill and her 3 month old daughter Molly years ago, I remember Jill saying how a good baby Molly was. Chris and I thought Molly cried a lot for a “good baby.” Fast forward to today, we think Gabrielle is a good baby. Then Tuesday morning my mom complained about how Gabrielle cries when she’s tired. When she’s hungry. When she’s not being held. When she’s bored. In the stroller. And that in fact, she’s a fussy baby like I was. “You know, some babies just eat and then go to sleep without crying,” she said. But no, Gabrielle has to cry it out.

I relayed the information to Chris. “Gabrielle’s a geek,” he beamed proudly. She’s not colicky, she just knows the world is too exciting a place to waste it sleeping.

Suddenly I get the impression my mom bit off more than she would have liked to chew. I won’t say she bit off more than she can chew, cause I know she can handle it. After all she handled me. But perhaps she would have preferred a little baby who falls asleep to lullabies? Better watch yourself Gabrielle, she might quit!

Still though, when I get together with the other ladies in my mommy group, I get a whole new level of appreciation for our trouble maker. Some of their babies still feed every 2 hours every night, don’t sleep in their crib, get colics, go on bottle strike. Everything about Gabrielle has been easy, except perhaps her appetite for excitement. Which brings us full loop back to the start, I think Gabrielle is a good baby!

Anyway, I read a funny story that I have to share. It’s a conversation between a mom and her 5  year old, she is trying to explain not to go away with strangers. It’s fundamentally really scary, but the conversation is just too funny at the same time. All you parents and grandparents should go read it here. I keep thinking that when Gabrielle is older, we will explain everything to her. But from this story it reminds us that kids process information differently and even when you think you’re explaining something well, you’re really not being thorough enough. A good reminder for us all!


One thought on “11 weeks

  1. No, I’m not quitting!
    And yes, Gabrielle is a good baby!
    It’s the adaptation time for both of us.
    Jumping in the baby’s schedule from 7h30 to 5hpm is not a small task.
    I didn’t really know her habits. I’m just starting to discover what she likes.
    Yesterday, Gabrielle was a bit cranky (many stools) and my arms were so tired holding her all day long. I put her in bed and started to read books. she loves that. Not sitting in a rocking chair like I tried before! In bed, she moves all she wants and it’s so cute to hear her trying to talk…happy baby…so simple!
    Gabrielle is missing her mom and she’s all day long with this grand maman and her stupid bottles; that’s for sure her biggest adaptation!
    Jumping in a city life style with all the street noise and close neibors isn’t an easy ride for me either. I’m just starting to sleep a full night without jumping to the ceiling every time a neibor makes noise or starts his car under my bedroom’s window!
    Looking forward to continue my journey with my grand daughter and knowing each other better.

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