We baked frozen DiGiorno’s pizzas last night. I say pizzaS with an S cause we are huge pigs pizza fans and clearly one large pizza is not enough for 2 people. I ate more than half of mine, which I’m pretty sure adds up to 9000 calories and 5000 mg of sodium. Pretty sure. I was so thirsty this morning, I think I have a pizza hangover. But man, it felt good!

This morning, guess what, I asked Chris to get me a banana blueberry muffin from Daily Grind instead of a chocolate croissant from Anna’s Bakery. WHAT?! Crazy, I know. Where’s Ariane and what have you done with her? But you know what, as much as I look forward to chocolate croissants, I started to realize that they really don’t taste as good anymore. I guess it was a pregnancy thing! And while muffins get a bad rep for being a lesser-evil baked good option that’s actually not so lesser-evil cause they pack a lot more calories than people realize, it’s still a heck of a lot better than eating one pound of chocolate wrapped in butter dough. So I feel pretty good about my new Saturday morning treat.

Remember that new mommy group I was attending on Wednesdays? Well since I am back to work I emailed all the girls in the group about doing a Saturday morning alternative for the working mommies. I know, me, organizing a social group, double-what?! This parenthood business has got us doing crazy things left and right. And while I’m still a monster awkward conversationalist, I kind of like the group so that Gabrielle gets to see other babies. I think it’s good for her. And let’s face it, small talk with strangers is good practice for me even if I hate it.

Happy Saturday!


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