Need calories!

I don’t have a photo shoot to show you today, what with yesterday being busy with work and yoga. I think the photo shoot post will have to move to the weekend from now on!

Yoga was nice yesterday, although seriously that teacher’s got an attitude. I walked into class with a friend and we were looking at Facebook pictures on my iPhone (we were early). The teacher said to me “can you turn off your phone and leave it in front.” I hesitated for a second cause I had planned to keep it on vibrate on my mat in case Chris was having a problem with the baby. She saw my hesitation and asked if I was on call for something. I say, “sort of, my husband watching the baby!” Then she goes “do you think they’re going to live if you turn it off?” Jeeeeeeze lady. Got your bowl of pissy-o’s this morning?

Well anyway. We have been so good with food this week. Pre-baby we never planned meals. We just went to the store every day or picked up take out. With the baby and being back at work this week we decided to do one grocery shopping on Sunday and not go for the rest of the week. Save money, save time, save gas, all that good stuff. We bought stuff to make 3 large meals and figured we’d eat it leftovers on some nights.

First of all, this is the first time we plan AND follow the plan, so woohoo! Go us! Such responsible adults!

Second of all, every day I’m hungrier than the last. I tell Chris we should have pizza tonigt cause I feel like I’m loosing weight too fast eating all this healthy homemade food. To check if I was crazy I took my weight this morning… 140!! That’s 3 lbs less than on Tuesday. 3 lbs in 3 days, oh my gosh, at this rate I’m going to die! So yeah, I’m definitively getting pizza tonight! It’ll be interesting to weight myself on Tuesday. I wonder how much weekends might hinder my progress.

Chris has been funny with the baby. He’s been singing that “the wheels on the bus go roun and round” song to the baby. She really likes it. Chris however is getting bored with it. Now he’s getting inventive… I’ve heard him sing these interesting variations:
The mommies on the bus go up and down
The babies on the bus go in and out
The cows on the bus go moo moo moo
And my personal favorite: The bums on the bus go “give me change”
Hum honey, did I really just hear you say “the bums on the bus go give me change”?!
Uh, yeah.
Ok, just checking.


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