Last day

Today is my last day of maternity leave, oh no!!

There is a lot I’m going to miss. What I’m certainly going to enjoy, however, is being able to use the restroom or get a glass of water whenever I want!

I’ve heard from a few peole in different parent classes that we should keep one social activity outside the home for fun. To relax and unwind. Me time. To keep in touch with the person you were before you became a parent. I was hesitating between yoga and music. Of course, doing both like before would be nice, but not realistic.

Yoga would be immensely helpful for my body right now, requires no homework, and no harm comes from missing a class if I’m tired. Music is more of a commitment, my band would be counting on me to show up to every class and practice in between. However the longer I don’t play, the rustier I get. I’ve already stopped for 6 months, I’m not giving it up any longer for fear of the repercussion! Music it is. I can always sneak in a little yoga time by myself at home.

Tricky me though, I found a loophole. Music class starts in September and I found a 4 week yoga class at Ucsb with my favorite teacher that runs in August! For the next month I’ll be doing yoga once a week with my friends (a little kick start into yoga-ing again and a refresher since it took a year off), after that music is back on!

I’m super psyched about doing music again, I hope Gabrielle will enjoy me practicing the saxophone at home! And the thought of doing yoga this week? Heavenly.


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