9 weeks

Dude, 9 weeks, seriously?

I went to my parents house on Monday where I store the small clothes that Gabrielle’s already outgrown and the big clothes she doesn’t fit in yet. I traded the few newborn outfits I still had and some smaller 0-3 months clothes for the 3-6 months clothes. I figured, oh I’ll just do it now but she won’t fit in it for a couple more weeks. When I got home I put her in her usual pjs and realized that they were really kind of tight length-wise. But there’s no way the 3-6 would fit, right? Wrong, it’s roomy but it fits!

You’d think by now I would have learned that “wow, this big size fits!” would no longer surprise me. But the next morning after the pj incident, I was thinking “sure, baggy pjs are nice, but the big day clothes are going to look ridiculous on her.” And guess what? Nope. It does not.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that most of her clothes are Carter’s. In Gymboree she’s just starting to fit in 0-3 months! Gymboree is soooo big! I just love Carter’s though. It’s comfy, cute, super cheap and it fits her great!

However we ended up having the same summer clothes problem with this new batch. There’s so much clothes and everyone was saying she has more clothes than one baby could possibly ever use! But it’s all summer dresses and most days are not so warm around here! I was wondering how to spend my second to last work day off (yikes!) and decided a little trip to Carter’s for some fall ensembles would complete her wardrobe for the next few months. And maybe some tights and long-sleeve onesies to fall-erize those summer dresses when the days are cool. Just as I was about to call my mom to ask if she wanted to join me, she called me. Her visitors are gone (my aunt and uncle were in town until this morning) and the big house feels boring and empty. Gabrielle and I can remedy that!

And seriously, I know it looks like a lot of clothes, but this little one is messy. Count in multiple outfits per day, weather limitations, and my hatred of frequent laundry washing and suddenly it doesn’t seem like there’s not enough!

I’ve been asked to talk about my mom’s new Santa Barbara pied-a-terre. See, doesn’t it sound so much fancier when I call it a pied-a-terre instead of an apartment! My parents found one near us, it’s about a 5 minutes walk. It’s a one-bedroom in an apartment complex of about 20 apartments. It’s at the end of the complex though near a creek, so she doesn’t really have a lot of neighbors. The living room, bedroom and bathroom each have a sky light that brings in a lot of sun so the place looks bright and clean. My mom did a good job decorating it (of course!) and it looks super adorable now. I’ll make sure to take some pictures and post them here!


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