You may have noticed that this week’s Weigh In Tuesday post has the same title as last week’s. Between all the walking I did at Comic-con and all the junk food involved with a good roadtrip/vacation/nerd convention, I was wondering which would win out. As it turns out, they just cancel each other out. So no progress this week, bummer.

I went shopping yesterday afternoon for work clothes to accomodate my “transitional” body. I got a few of my usual work wardrobe pieces in one size up. Four blouses and 2 polos. Sea hues seem to be popular this season, I usually gravitate towards primary colors but I ended up yesterday with all shirts in varying shades of teal. They’re, like, totally adult colors, yo! Look at me, all grown up! I was also hoping to score some pants too, but it was too hard to find a good fit what with my waist being disproportionately expanded compared to the rest of my body. Oh pudding flap, how I loathe thee!

Oh yeah, the citizenship interview. I guess my stories are going backwards in time. I passed the interview! The guy reviewed my application, asked me questions about the application to make sure my answers matched the application, asked me to read the sentence “The president lives in the White House”, asked me to write the sentence “The White House is in Washington, D.C.”, and finally he asked 10 test questions. My questions were:
What is the supreme law of the land? The constitution.
What is an amendment? A change or addition to the constitution.
Who did the U.S. fight during WWII? Germany, Japan, and Italy.
What is te capital of your state? Sacramento.
What do we show loyalty yo when we say the Pledge of Allegiance? The United States and the flag.
Who vetoes bills? The president.
And honestly, I already forgot what the other questions were! But they were all super easy one word answers. Now I have to wait to receive another letter in the mail that will give me a time and date to show up to take the oath. After that I’m officially an American! Hello jury duty.

Oh, one funny thing I forgot to mention we learned in San Diego, Gabrielle is terrified going down stairs. My brother’s apartment is 2 stories and the most curious thing happened when we walked down the stairs with Gabrielle in our arms… She’d lift her arms in the air, tense her whole body really hard, and stop breathing til she turned purple in the face. Crazy right?! She wouldn’t start breathing again until we were all the way at the bottom. Babies are weird!


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