8 weeks and San Diego

I missed the 8 weeks post on Thursday because we were in San Diego for Comic-Con! For the past couple of years we’ve been going to Seattle for a video game expo. Knowing that we would be unable to travel and attend this year, we decided to give Comic-Con a try since it is relatively close by. Comic-Con, by the way, is a huge comic book convention. Last year’s estimate attendance was about 140,000 people.

There was an exhibit hall and a plethora of panels. There were a lot of fun panels we wanted to attend, but long lines kept us at bay. I am not a patient person! So we ended up spent a lot of time in the exhibit hall.

The exhibit hall was huge. I mean HUGE. Big comics companies (like Marvel and DC Comics) were well represented. There was also a lot of famous comic authors signing, small comics, web comics, and other spin-offs. I was hoping it would include comics from the newpapers, like Pearl Before Swine and Get Fuzzy as I am huge fan. But nope! Too bad. Chris reads a fair amount of tradional comics though, so he got a couple of autographs from his favorite authors.

Overall it was pretty fun and interesting! There were a lot of crazy costumes. Lots of shiny spandex unitards. NOT something you want to see on a group of middle-aged men, but it is entertaining!

In the end, I think it’s fair to say we all like the video games expo much better. It is much flashier,  more interactive, and closer to our interests. But Comic-con was pretty cool too and since my brother lives in San Diego, attending was pretty cheap. That considered, we just might be attending again next year.

Our attending Comic-con was made possible this year by my parents who came to San Diego with us to babysit Gabrielle while Chris, my brother and I went out. It was exciting and sad to leave Gabrielle for so many hours a day, but it was a small practice run for when I go back to work next week. Can you believe this is my last week off?!

I also can’t believe the little one is 8 weeks old. She wants to turn and crawl and babble like a big kid, she is so close! She’s almost out of Carter’s 3 months clothes already. A couple more weeks and I’ll have to dig out the 3-6 months!

Tomorrow is my citizenship interview. My mom will babysit again, another practice run for next week! Wish me luck on my test.


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