Time for my weekly weight check-in, I am 144 lbs today. I did ZERO exercise this week cause it was so hot, so I’m just glad the scale moved in the right direction anyway!

Unfortunately I am a little under the weather since Sunday. I made a quick visit to work on Friday with Gabrielle to show her off to my team (at their request), I’m officially blaming work for this case of the sniffles. I’m allergic to work, see, I can’t go back!! Actually, I hope I don’t sound like a bad mom, but seeing all my coworkers again made me a little excited about going back. I kinda miss them! Plus I’m looking forward to programming, solving problems, and putting out fires. Is it weird that I miss the stress? Of course, I’m absolutely going to miss my baby when I go back and I am terrified of losing the special bond we have now by spending less time with her. Being a modern woman with a career and a family is tough!

Anyway, my little bug is probably the one Chris got a couple of weeks ago. His never fully developed into a cold, he was just congested and actually thought it might just be bad allergies. It’s been a couple of days since my symptoms started and I also just have congestion still so hopefully that’s how it will stay. We have plans for the weekend that I don’t want to cancel!


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