7 week photo shoot

Here’s the 7 week old kiddo in one of her summer dresses now that the weather is hot enough!

And I finally caught the elusive smile on camera, non-blurry!

There’s been lots going on. First, I went to a new parent discussion group! I’m usually not one for meeting new people seeing how horribly awfully terrible I am at small talk, but being at home all the time gets old. It was pretty nice. Lots of women, lots of babies, lots of complaining about lack of sleep. Pretty much what you would expect!

Second, people from Chris’ work have been doing the meal train for us. We’ve gotten some good food, but the best so far: Haagen-dazs banana split ice cream. I usually don’t like ice cream and I can’t even digest it all that well, but man, this one is worth it! Banana ice cream with fudge swirl and cherries! Yum. And I haven’t been working out or walking due to this monster heat. This will come back to haunt me, won’t it?

Finally, my mom got her apartment in SB! She got the key and started moving some stuff. I don’t know why I’m so excited since I’m not the one moving and I can’t even really help with the move. I’m like remote third party excited. Unfortunately it does mean I’m starting work again in 2 weeks. Wow, time is going by too fast!


2 thoughts on “7 week photo shoot

  1. That’s adorable. I can’t believe you will be going back to work in 2 weeks!!! It feels like you just went on maternity leave. 😦 Sad face. At least your mom is close by.

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