Saturday Chris and I went to my friend’s wedding reception while my parents babysat. It was so weird to be out without the baby! It was like going out before, except with an extra 20 pounds! The reception was wonderful and we stayed for 5 hours, meanwhile the baby drank her first bottle without any problems at all. I was almost teary-eyed at the party thinking about her drinking her first bottle, it’s like she doesn’t need me anymore! They grow up so fast, ha ha.

Talking about growing up, Gabrielle’s been sleeping the whole night for 2 nights in a row now. That’s crazy! I’m thinking she’s probably just extra tired from hitting the 6-week growth spurt and that it’s not here to stay, but who knows.

My parents are finalizing the rental of a 1 bedroom apartment near us. My mom will provide child care for us between August and December inclusively, and she’ll have this small apartment to stay at during the week. They applied for it last Thursday and should find out today or tomorrow if they will get it. I’m down at my parents’ house today for a visit since one of my aunt is in town, then her and my mom will go up to SB tomorrow. If all goes well, my mom could be able to get the apartment tomorrow while she’s in SB. It will be fun to start bringing some stuff over soon!

I’ve also been studying for my citizenship interview. The interview is July 26th, and they will ask me questions on the United States (10 questions from a booklet of 100) and some questions to test my English. I’m obviously not worried about the English test, but my knowledge of the history and governmental structure of the US is terrible. I was glad to see most of the questions are pretty easy (e.g.: name one of the wars the United States took part in during the 1800s, which day do Americans celebrate their independence, name the current president), but some I actually have to learn (like who is the Speaker of the House, how many justices are there, how many representatives). Chris has been quizzing me while I rock the baby to sleep, she will be a well-informed baby!


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