6 weeks

The infamous 6 weeks. The midpoint to 3 months, 6 weeks is supposed to be the peak of fussiness in newborn babies. Ah, it’s all downhill from here! (Maybe I should wait until she’s 18 to say that)

Anyway, if this is as fussy as she gets, I think we’re doing pretty good. She has the occasional bad day, but overall she is a super easy baby. Watch how I probably just jinxed myself.

It’s amazing how much she changed in the last week. She is starting to smile socially. She made immense progress in holding her head up pretty well. She can solve calculus problems now too. Ok, I made the last one up, we’ll wait until she is 1 year old to introduce calculus!

Talking about the last week, it has been a fun busy week. My mom came up to SB, my inlaws came, my parents came again, then I went down to their house yesterday and they were back here again today. It was great to see family so often! Tomorrow one of my aunts from Canada is arriving to LA. I am so proud to show off Gabrielle to more and more people, she’s a cutie!

What I want to know is at what age do babies lose their mommy gyroscope? I swear, during the day she could be in her crib for 5 minutes or 1 hour, but the second I lay down to nap too she wakes up! Doing dishes, whatever else, she doesn’t wake up. But nap? BAM! She’s awake! It’s like she KNOWS. After two napping attempts this morning, I finally gave up and did a little yoga instead. Heh, at least she’s helping me stick to my exercises!


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