Wii Fit says…

The scale at the doctor’s office said 148 lbs but the nice nurse wrote down 145 in my file to make due for the jeans and thick sweater I was wearing. I broke out the Wii Fit to double check, it was much less generous than the nurse. It gave me 147. Mean Wii, mean!

Since I’ll be tracking my progress with the Wii, I might as well use its number as my start off point. That means I have 24 pounds to lose. On the bright side, I’ve already lost 26. More than halfway done, yay!

Of course, the first half was the easy stuff: baby and water weight. What’s left now is fat. Not so fun. But with breastfeeding, walking, and eating right, I am hoping to be back to normal by Christmas 5 months away. I never tracked my weight before, this should be interesting!


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