Weighing in

Tomorrow morning is my 6-week postpartum doctor checkup. I promised to cut myself some slack for the first 6 weeks. I wasn’t going to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans, weigh myself, or workout. I was just going to give my body time to recuperate while I get used to life with a baby. I did cheat and tried my pre-pregnancy jeans (big mistake), but that’s it. Now I’m anxious to see where I stand tomorrow when I go on the scale at the doctor’s office. I put on almost exactly 50 pounds during the pregancy, how much do I have left to lose now???

This weekend I decided to go shopping for jeans that fit my body until I fit once again into my form-fitting size 2 jeans and/or my “baggy” size 4 jeans (or at least they USED to be baggy). I’ve been wearing comfy stretchy yoga pants for the past 6 weeks, but as I am getting more visitors and doing more trips out of the house I’m increasingly embarrassed about parading my oversize tush in tight leaves-nothing-to-the-imagination yoga pants. I was hoping size 6 jeans would fit and I tried some on to discover they were pretty tight but so help me god I was NOT going to buy size 8. No way! So I am now the not-so-proud owner of size 6 jeans. Argh, I can’t wait to fit into my normal clothes again!!

Of course, this weekend did not help. Chris brought cookies leftover from his proposal presentation (he passed!!), my mom brought me cakes and candies from Montreal, and my in-laws got us all the muffins and delicious food we could dream of! Now that everything is back to normal, so will my diet and walking routine. I already started with a long walk this morning! And once my doctor gives me the ok tomorrow, I will be adding small workouts to my schedule too.

Wish me luck for the big weigh in tomorrow! I am hoping I only have 20 pounds to loose, but I’m terrified it might be closer to 30. I’m nervous, this is like waiting for your report card in high school!


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