4 weeks

We just came back from Gabrielle’s 4 weeks doctor visit. She is all healthy! She’s now at a gigantic 9 pounds 8 ounces which puts her in the 75th percentile weight-wise. The doctor also mentioned she is in the 50th percentile for height and 25th percentile for head size… Great, she’s short, stupid, and fat! The trifecta! Ha ha, mommy’s just kidding, honey!

The doctor mentioned we should start to see a social smile and hear some cooing at around 6 weeks, but we’re pretty sure she started both already. We get a very occasional smile while she’s awake, and we heard a couple of coos in the past few days. And if there’s a milestone for giving us a skeptical “I don’t know, I think you’re crazy” look, she’s got that one down to a science.

She loves her hands, loves to suck on them, loves to have them near her face, and one of them plays in her hair when she’s in awake in her crib. I got a feeling she will give herself a bald spot once she has enough hand control to grab the hairs!

Both her hair and her eyes lightened. Her hair went from dark brown to light brown, and her eyes from dark grey to dark blue. They could still change over the next few months though, I’m curious to see where they end up!

She knows to do her business the exact moment we take off her diaper, successfully running through 5 outfits a day. Talking about diapers, she graduated to size 1 today! And talking about outfits, Gabrielle is in pjs all day cause that’s the only warmer clothes we own in her current size. All her day clothes are cute little summer outfits cause that’s the only thing they sold in stores in the spring, which is unfortunate seeing as it’s 63 degrees outside and foggy most of the day due to our infamous June gloom. Come on weather, gotta give us a chance to use these outfits before she outgrows them!

Oh, also the poor Gabrielle is covered in baby acne. Actually my face is equally covered, darn hormones. I hope it won’t last too long for either of us!

Have a good Thursday!


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