2 weeks

Just when we think we’re never going to sleep again, Gabrielle goes and sleeps for 36 hours straight! Ok, not literally 36 hours straight, but pretty well. On Monday and Tuesday she would eat constantly and not sleep. It was rough! And since Wednesday she’s been sleeping like a champ and eating longer sittings less frequently. I feel so much more rested! It’s so weird how babies this age change so much from day to day. I’m sure this sleepiness too won’t last, but it’s nice while it’s here!

This morning we had a doctor appointment. It wasn’t a full checkup, just a quick visit for weight gain check. Gabrielle is now 8lbs 4oz!! They say she should be gaining 1/2 oz to 1 oz per day, and she gained 14 oz in 9 days. The doctor was very impressed! The nurse made us take off her diaper while she weighed Gabrielle, then instructed to put a diaper back on while she left to go get the doctor. Just as I was getting a fresh diaper out, Gabrielle peed EVERYWHERE. It was dripping off the table, into drawers, on the floor. Ugh! Luckily the doctor took a few minutes to come so we had time to clean up the whole mess without anyone noticing!

Noteworthy news for today, Gabrielle is 2 weeks old! We gave her her first real bath yesterday (we’d been doing sponge baths until now) and she loved it. We took her out on 2 walks in the stroller so far and she seems to really enjoy those too. I’m going to start doing them daily so I can work off my “pudding flap”. The pudding flap is what I named my stomach cause it’s so soft and pokable and pudding-like. Gross! It’s going down quicker than I thought it would though so that’s one nice thing, but getting a little exercise can’t hurt either!


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