One week old

Wow, we cannot believe it’s already been one week. We are, like, total baby pros, yo!

Well maybe not, but we did learn some things in the last week.

1) Gabrielle is a mover. She was a mover in the belly, I don’t know why I expected her to behave differently outside the womb. I thought newborns would not move much, but holy wiggles Batman, it’s already impossible to get a diaper on this little one!

2) Talking about wiggling, we can’t do one piece footed PJs with her yet cause she wiggle her legs outside of the leg sections. What she ends up with is her legs bent over her chest in a little ball, legs crossed at the ankles with each foot hanging in the opposite leg section! Try getting her out of that position without unsnapping the whole thing open and starting again from scratch, it’s a puzzle!

3) I’m paranoid about her not breathing. Usually she’s a loud mouth breather but every once in a while she’ll stop making any noise and it gives me a heart attack every time! And by “every once in a while”, I mean 35 times per hour. I’ll ask Chris, “I can’t hear her, is she still breathing?!” and he’ll roll his eyes and say yes without even checking! Most of the time I can control the urge to check cause I know it’s completely ridiculous, but I still check sometimes. When did I become so paranoid?!

4) Did you know diapers come with a stripe on the outside that changes color if the diaper is wet so you can know it’s wet with taking it off?! It’s genius!!

5) Days blend together when you don’t have a concrete night in between them. What day is it today? I don’t know! Feels like the past week has just been one really long day!

6) The car seat is magical! I’ve pretty much given up on the crib for now, we can work on that once she sleeps longer stretches at a time. Hopefully the car seat will serve us as a good halfway step between sleeping on us and sleeping in the crib. Right now she’ll shake her limbs maniacally in her crib unless tightly swaddled. Even swaddled she usually wiggles enough to break loose within minutes and resume said maniacal limb shaking as if she was possessed by techno music the rest of us can’t hear. Where is the rave, baby? Where?!


2 thoughts on “One week old

  1. I hear you on the breathing thing. I once put a mirror up to Anna’s nose to see if it fogged up. I STILL check on her every night and don’t leave the side of her crib until I hear her breathe. I am not sure when you get over that.
    And yes! The diaper stripe is great! For some reason that goes away with size 2 (I think). Why would they do that? I guess with the bigger babies you can feel the wetness but still I really liked the stripe.
    Enjoy this time with techno baby! I am sure you are pros. Way to go with the car seat – whatever works.

  2. She is adorable! I have been checking your blog every day to see what Gabrielle has been up to. I love “baby techno”. Hey, she knows where the party is at!!

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