My baker ego is hurt

Yesterday was fun. My mom and I sat and talked for a while, went shopping, and went out for lunch at Cajun Kitchen. I’m already looking forward to lunch to I can eat my omelet and biscuit leftovers!

While shopping, my mom bought Gabrielle the cutest outfit ever and I bought the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 game for the Wii. It came out 2 days ago and I wasn’t going to buy it since the baby could come “any day now” so why waste $50 on a game that I wouldn’t have time to play. But I’m so sick of thinking “any day now” that I just went ahead and accepted that this little bugger would NOT come until at least a week past my due date, so heck, might as well buy the darn game and keep myself entertained!

Chris’ lab friend brought a bunch of strawberries from his parents’ farm to the lab, Chris brought some home last night. They are so delicious! I already headed out this morning for groceries. I will make risotto (from a box) with salmon and broccoli for dinner and I’m making vanilla cake and vanilla pudding right now to combine with the strawberries for dessert, sort of like strawberry shortcake. I’ve been burning and ruining pretty much anything I bake in the past few months though, so I’m just hoping this cake comes out.

Oh, the timer just went off on the cake so I went and checked it. Yep, it looks already way overdone (the sides and top are dark brown) but the toothpick comes out wet. If I take it out now the middle won’t be done and the cake will fall (like the last cake I made) but if I wait the cake will come with a nice burnt shell. Ugh, what the heck do I do now?! I’ve never done so bad at baking in my life, I think my oven is broken! I can’t possibly just stop being able to bake out of nowhere right?!


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