And time passes

Another couple of days came and went! Again! I am now only 3 little days from my due date – so much for the doctors predicting I would go early!

Well anyway, after a couple of days of resting my legs I’ve been able to walk a little bit again. I left to go walk yesterday morning around 7am, but it was soooo windy and cold that I decided to go back home right away and wait until later for the weather to warm up. You should have seen the look on Chris’ face when I walked back in unexpectently early – he was sure I was back early because my water broke or something. He looked like he was ready to jump off the couch and run me to the hospital! I laughed so hard, it was just too sweet. I think Chris is getting a little nervous – not an emotion I see often on him… He’s usually Mr.CalmAndCollected!!

My mom was looking for an excuse to skip the gym this morning and I was looking for a distraction, so she is coming to Santa Barbara to hang out with me!


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