Have you seen my sanity?

Another day! Ok, I know what’s going on here. Being her mother’s daughter, this baby will never do what people want her to do. Like right now, people want her to – you know – be born, but she’s all like “na-ah, no way Jose!”

I bet you just love arguing, don’t you baby?!

Well you know what baby? I quit. I’m done crying wolf. I’m done thinking “any day now”. I’m am going to make plans, fill up my schedule and pretend you will never come! Hah! Take that! Reverse psychology, baby! Can your little baby mind handle my jedi mind tricks?!

(Uh why, yes, I am losing it, thanks for asking!)

Chris is at school again today to collect data for his paper. For the second Saturday in a row, I’ve been specifically asked not to go into labor! He is too funny. He also wanted to go in really early (like 5am) so he asked if it was ok to move chocolate croissant day to Sunday unless I was really scared of going into labor today and missing chocolate croissant day. Oh honey, haven’t you heard? This baby is never coming out, Sunday is fine!


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