Awake in the night

If insomnia, extreme hunger and indigestion are signs of upcoming labor, I’d say the baby will be here today. I ate a full CPK pizza for dinner last night (and an apple and cookies), spent half the night awake fantasizing about pad thai while simultaneously nauseous trying to digest my pizza-and-cookie-palooza, then I finally fell asleep just to dream about – of all things I never eat – KFC chicken smothered in gravy!

Unfortunately, even the most wishful part of me realizes that my current symptoms are no sign of labor, but instead simply a big fat sign that clearly reads: Congrats Ariane, you’re pregnant!

Anathema has been trying to climb on top of my stomach lately when I’m sitting on the couch. She seems to think I’ve been growing her a little cat pedestal for the last 9 months. “Finally we can sit face to face so that you may admire my Greek goddess body on your worthy pedestal,” her eyes tell me. I keep shooing her when she tries to get on top of my stomach, but that cat is nothing if not persistent. Gabrielle is getting a nice little butt massage from Anathema’s repeated attempts.

Doctor appointment is this morning, I will update this post with the results after. Stay tuned!


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