Already one week gone

Believe it or not I was actually successful in doing nothing yesterday! I took my 2.5 mile walk, watched a couple of movies, took a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon nap, chatted with Jenny online, played Scrabble online with my brother, then Chris and I picked up Mexican food for dinner. Perfect lazy day!

This morning I feel about the same. Not sick, not 100% either. Just that weird “icky” feeling you get sometimes. I was joking with Chris last night that probably it’s just my lymph nodes are swollen, like the rest of my body! Or maybe it’s all just part of the pre-labor fun, who knows?!

Anyway, whatever the reason why I’ve been feeling icky, I am going to continue to take it easy from now on. Getting a lot done at the beginning of the week was nice, but it won’t help me none if I burn myself out. I have to rest and focus my positive energy on the here and now something something chakra, hum, yeah, whatever else my yoga teacher always said šŸ™‚

As Chris left this morning, he said “try not to have the baby while I’m at work today. Or this weekend cause I have to go to school. Anytime next week is fine!” Well, I’ll be sure to pass that message along!

Actually I wouldn’t mind a few more days myself, I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Where did time fly?!


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