Day 4 and 5 recap

My mom came up to Santa Barbara yesterday afternoon and the first thing she asked me was “how does it feel to be on vacation?” Hum, what vacation?! Seriously guys, I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Here I was thinking I’d have to limit myself to blogging only once a day, but in reality I didn’t have time to blog at all in the past 2 days!

I was in a crazy cleaning and errand frenzy on Tuesday. I could list to you everything I cleaned, but seriously, who cares?! Then yesterday I took my 2.5 mile walk in the morning and had to speed thru a quick shower so I’d have time to run an errand before my haircut appointment. As I was running out the door my mom called and asked if she could come up to SB to hang out with me in the afternoon, and I was thinking “YES! Sweet mother of mercy, deliver me from my overproductiveness!” I wanted to go shopping though and so we did and by the end of the day I didn’t want to ever walk again!

Anyway. I’ve been feeling a strange little “ick” in my throat for a week now and I figured it was probably due to the high wind we had lately kicking up some allergies. Nevertheless, it felt a little worse last night and I was at the verge of tears and hysteria at the thought of having to go thru labor with a cold. Oh gosh, could you think of anything worse?!

So today I am activating the Well Being Plan: walk, fruit smoothie, movie marathon, and at least 2 naps! I am not lifting a finger today!

By the way I am sorry, thru all this busy non-blogginess yesterday I left you hanging about news from the doctor. So here goes. I saw “my” doctor this time (a different doctor than at the last appointment where I was told I wouldn’t make it to my due date). I was kind of glad I was seeing a different doctor just to get a second opinion. Will he also think I’ll be early? Maybe the other doctor was exaggerating? Well doctor #2 confirmed it! He thinks I might make it to the appointment next week but probably not the one scheduled in 2 weeks.

He also said I made awesome progress since last week (on all 3 measures – email me if you want the details) and that some women have to labor for hours to get where I am now! As far as I’m concerned, the baby can wait one week or two if that means I keep shaving time off my labor. He asked me if I lived in town (we get some folks from wine country come to SB for health care), which of course I can only interpret as “I’m worried about you making it to the hospital on time if you live far away.” What can I say, I hear what I want to hear.

On to the laziness!


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