Reality check

Sometimes the smallest details hit you like a ton of bricks. Last night Chris called his dad sort of late in the evening about downloading the new Halo Reach game demo on the xbox. His mom thought we were calling about me going into labor. I was laughing so hard about how crazy that was… just to realize “wait a minute, that’s not crazy at all, I really could be!” Talk about a reality check. Wow.

If that was a ton of bricks, this morning’s doctor appointment was like a million tons. At first it was the routine stuff. I’m a giant fatty (gained another 3 pounds in the last 7 days, how is that even possible). My belly is measuring to date. She felt around my belly and said the baby is on the smaller side (yay, no 9 lbs baby here!) but clearly very much healthy and active (took the doc 3 minutes to find the heartbeat cause Gabrielle was moving too much). The head is still down. All good.

Then, things got interesting. For the sake of my male readers let’s just say I had my first “detailed” exam and found out that “things” are “progressing”. She doesn’t think I’ll make it to my due date. In fact, she predicted we’d have the baby in 2 weeks.

TWO WEEKS?! Chris just about fell off his chair. Of course she could be wrong, but she said she usually never guesses the birth date but that in my case she’s saying 2 weeks cause she felt that sure about it. I don’t know how many factors this gut feeling is based on, although she did confirm the baby is really really low. Go power walks!

Chris was sweating bullets the whole way home from the doctor’s office. It was just something about hearing the doctor say “2 weeks” that made it seem… real. Or real close. I was kidding with him saying 14 days isn’t really that much sooner than 23 days, but he declared his fatherhood right to hyperventilate. So I let him.

The good news is that I was mistaking about Chris’s paper deadline, it is May 14th not May 20th. So that’s convenient! As for me, I guess I better get cracking on that to-do list of mine. I might not get my 3 weeks off work after all.

On a side note: 2 days down, only 3 work days to go. Saturday’s chocolate croissant will be the best tasting chocolate croissant ever, because it will taste like FREEDOM! WOOH!


One thought on “Reality check

  1. So Garbielle don’t want to be a Gimini after all… good for her!

    And, Chris, take a deep breath, everything will be fine and you will be a wonderful father.

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