Last week of work

Our weekend was really nice. As planned we had the baby class Saturday morning which was not all that informative but it was a big class and we got to see a bunch of pregnant couples again that we knew from various places. So it was nice to get talking with everyone, since we are all getting closer to our due dates now! Excitement and anxiety are definitively rising in everyone!

Then on Saturday afternoon we walked from our apartment all the way to lower downtown to get a churros at the Cinco De Mayo celebration. You know what’s weird, for once my back did not hurt at all. I was walking and could almost not feel the belly weight at all. I’m also getting up 3 times a night to use the restroom, so I’m wondering if maybe the baby dropped a little bit?!

On Saturday night I had the clothing exchange party. I brought 3 brown bags of clothes. Some stuff I was going to donate anyway, plus I also picked out my skimpier black tops that I used for going out to clubs. Lord knows those college days are long gone anyway and certainly will not come back. In exchange I got a few new pieces from the other girls, a few cute shirts and a couple of skirts, it will be fun to wear them once I loose the belly.

On Sunday we just hung around the house. We went on a walk to the mission after dinner. Just the perfect Sunday! Chris told me during the walk that he has to submit a paper to a conference, the submission deadline is like May 20th. Let’s hope the baby doesn’t come more than one week early!

This is my last week at work. I mean, THIS IS MY LAST WEEK AT WORK, WOOOOOOOH!!!


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