One month to go!

Turns out the toilet is still making noise, but not as often. Chris cannot be blamed though, he wasn’t wrong about “cleaning the thingy”. I was looking over his shoulder last time he had the toilet open and there’s hard water deposit over everything. It’s not surprising things get stuck in an not-quite-off position, hence the hissing water noise. I think we’ll have to contact the landlord to get a few pieces replaced.

Also another fact I learned about my husband, he has psychic abilities. We have one of these Ikea frosted glass lamp on each side of our bed:

Both were cracked and/or missing glass chips around the top because – well – we’re clumsy and we own cats, two very good reasons why everything we own ends up taking a short and often tragic flight to the floor. We seriously need to start buying only things made out of rubber.

Getting back to the story, yesterday Chris was putting stuff away in the garage and came back in with one of these lamps. I had no idea we had an extra one in the garage. He figured we could replace one of the cracked ones with the unused still unharmed one from storage. So there it was, the third lamp sitting idly on the kitchen table waiting to replace one of its retired friends. And this morning, at the sweet hour of 5:30AM when the cats start trying cheap tricks to wake me up to feed them, Anathema decided to attempt destroying a book on the bookshelf where my bedside lamp rested. The book fell over and pushed the lamp off the shelf. To the floor the lamp flew where it met its demise.

While picking up a thousand little shards of glass half awake at 5:30AM was not my idea of fun, I could hardly be mad because the coincidence was too funny. The cat breaking one of the lamps one day after Chris brings in a replacement from the garage… What are the odds?!

In other news, we had our first weekly doctor appointment this morning. My belly measures right on, I gained another 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks (hello 43 pounds and counting!), the baby’s heartbeat is strong as always, and she still loves to show off her kicking skills. The doctor said she should be about 5-6 pounds by now, although that was just a statistics, not an actual estimation for her specifically. He said I was pretty much considered full term at this point (although technically there’s still one week and 2 days left before I make it to the magic “37 weeks” number, but it’s all approximations anyway) and he covered the signs of labor for which I should go to the hospital (and the ones for which I did not). It was all old news to us after our 75 hours of childbirth classes, but it still nice to hear it from a doctor.

The doctor also said “oh you’ve got little stretch marks now, let’s hope they don’t get really big!” STRETCH MARKS?! I was all proud that I wasn’t getting any, but turns out there’s a couple of tiny ones on the under side of my belly. Lucky for me I can’t see that part of my belly without a complex trick with mirrors so as far as I’m concerned they are not there! Denial, it’s not just a river in Egypt.

On the bright side, guess what, it’s April 27th! Exactly one month to my due date! Woohoo!


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