The nursery is (pretty much) done!

We got the bookcase and put everything away! Here’s pictures of the whole room going clockwise.

The bookcase came with a back but we decided to leave it off. It’s a small room with dark furniture, we thought showing a little beige paint thru the bookcase looked more refreshing! We have a box of books from the baby shower still at my parents house, hopefully the bookshelf will look less empty with them!

Ok well the nuresery is MOSTLY done. I’m still scavenging Ross every so often for a little tiny cheap table to go next to the rocking chair to put our drinks/book/bottles/etc on while rocking the baby.

Also still needed is a diaper trash can and hamper to put next to our “baby changing” area.

During my time off I think I will make a simple red abstract painting to put on the wall between the dressers and the crib. That wall looks a little empty right now 😦

I don’t remember if I ended up putting decent pictures of the mobile we made, but here’s one more just in case… from the baby’s point of view!

Have a good Sunday!


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