Delusions of grandeur

Because I’m still worried about getting bored during my extra time off, I’ve been thinking about extra things to do aside from the whole “nesting” thing. Really, one can only clean a small apartment for so long. And that’s when I thought “hey, I could write a book!”

Clearly my mind does not comprehend how long 3 weeks off really is. It’s totally, like, an ETERNITY, right?!

Anyway. I thought it would be important for me today to note that my husband is, while not verbose, some sort of plumbing savant.

For more than a month our toilet has been making this super annoying constant hissing noise. Our solution, cause we’re smart like that, was to keep the bathroom door closed to avoid hearing it. Yes, we’ve got all kinds of great solutions for all your problems, we’re available for hire.

The noise grew louder though and I could start hearing it even through the door sometimes. Annoyed that I would have to hear a hissing toilet day in and day out during my maternity leave, I asked Chris to take a look at it before I call the landlord.

I was in bed reading while Chris looked at it. He claimed – and I quote – “I jiggled the thing”. Oh, my husband the handyman. The next morning he looked at it again and this time claimed “I cleaned the thingy”. Doubtful I was but guess what? The noise is gone! Hurray!


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