3 more weeks or 6 more weeks?

After a rather unfortunate series of delays and miscommunications that left us waiting for a bookcase for months, we finally took matters into our own hands and remedied the situation. Probably should have done this a while ago, but last night we bought a bookcase online albeit considerably more expensive than the original one we had planned to purchase from the I Can’t Afford Real Furniture Store (a.k.a. IKEA) but worth the time and energy we will save to forgo the 150 mile trip to the nearest IKEA. Time and energy are precious commodities neither of us possess right now, or much in general. So in a few days we will be receive a much anticipated bookcase in the mail and the baby room will finally be done. Another problem solved.

Today I am 34 weeks along! I put on another 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks, not a bad number considering all I did last week was rest from a cold and eat leftover baby shower cake. So I am now at a total of 37 pounds gained, woo woo! The baby is basically full length now and about 5 pounds. She is always active during the day and never wakes me up at night so I’m hoping this pattern will continue outside the womb.

While normal gestation is 40 weeks, babies are considered full term (as in not preemies) at 37 weeks. So the way I see it I have 3 “certain” weeks left then after that it’s anyone’s guess when she will come. While my rational mind hopes she will stay in as long as she needs, part of me really hopes I only have 3 weeks left instead of the full 6. I know, I’m a horrible person. But I am just so stressed and overwhelmed at work. If I have another 6 weeks of work to do while in such a rapidly growing emotionally unstable state, so help me.

And while starting my pregnancy leave early is always a possibility, being at bored at home would hardly be any better for my mental health. I took 3 days off while I was sick last week and I’m pretty sure I was going to die of boredom.

In fact, maybe it’s not the 6 weeks of work that’s the problem, it’s the 6 weeks of emotional unstableness!


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