Getting my own croissant

Chris is feeling worse today than yesterday so I was on chocolate croissant duty this morning. I’m still congested and probably will be for another week (if my previous pregnancy colds are any indication), but other than that I’m feeling halfway decent so it’s my turn to play nurse. I’m on errands and food runs this weekend while Chris gets some rest, although I will be sneaking in some naps myself.

Being sick and bored at home, I was assessing our post-baby-shower closet on Monday morning and realized we have a lot of onesies and rompers and cute summer dresses, but barely any pants! This will be a summer baby, but Santa Barbara isn’t exactly 100 degrees all summer long. This baby will need pants! Oh the tragedy, everyone don’t panic, we can fix this!

(Once again, may I point out that being sick all week, bored at home with unlimited internet access and generally being a crazy paranoid hormonal nesting freak is not a good combination. Me + boredom = no bueno.)

I remedied the situation right quick with an emergency online shopping spree on the Gymboree website. I found a bunch of pants on sale for like $8-9 each, plus I had a 20% off coupon. Boom! Baby’s got pants! Another crisis averted. We just received them in the mail yesterday, so everyone can just calm down and breathe now, it’s going to be ok!

And if you think that would be the end of me panicking about stupid things, think again.

Last night I had a dream. No, a nightmare! We had just arrived home from the hospital with the baby, and all our families were at home with us. I change the baby’s diaper (somehow for the first time) and find out “holy crap it’s a boy.” I start crying hysterically in shock. I yell to everyone “it’s a boy” and no one responds, you’re all looking at me like “yeah whatever”. So I’m yelling and crying and trying to get thru to everyone that we needed them to snap into action! Help me double-check! (as if these things needed double-checking…) Help me exchange all our girl clothes for boy clothes! For the love of god someone please call a doctor to double-check!

Seriously, no one was listening to me or helping me, it was tragic! Panic-o-mania.

Wow. See, I’m loosing my marbles. Poor Chris.


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