One up, one down

I’m actually feeling better and going into the office this morning. My boss offered that I could work from home today if I wanted, but I really feel I should make it to the office at least once this week! I can’t promise I will stay all afternoon though, I have a strict napping schedule!

Unfortunately, Chris is feeling worse. He’s actually going to work from home today – for real this time.

I noticed some holes and scratches on the crib sheet on the crib so I added a big heavy blanket on top to “protect the mattress” from the cats. Well of course the only thing I accomplished was to make it more comfy, it’s the cats new favorite place to sleep. In the past few days I had to get Raven out of there 10 times a day, and Anathema a few times too. I feel pretty cruel cause they look so darn comfortable. Anathema loves to cuddle with the stuffed Hello Kitty in there, oh it’s so adorable. But a bad habit is a bad habit, we don’t want the cats to attempt co-sleeping with the baby, or fight it for territory claims… So the nursery door is officially closed. Useless cats.


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