The super virus

Chris and Philippe went from sore throat to full cold today, I received word that my dad and grandma are also sick, and as for myself, I am slowly finally recovering. That makes like what, 6 people sick from my baby shower? I think I need to call the CDC!

Note to “The Mama”, don’t feel bad, I don’t think your LO single-handedly did this! You warned me she had the sniffles so I barely touched her, and my brother and Chris definitively didn’t either!

Chris and I are working from home today. Chris has a meeting at school later, but other than that he is working here. I talked to my boss this morning to see what I could work on from home and he’s in panic about what will happen when I go on maternity leave. I was only gone 3 days and apparently that was a tough reality check. Ah ego booster.

I’ve been watching the door carefully for that package my inlaws sent and we never received (with my Samoas, oh the tragedy!)… we still haven’t received it. I wonder if it’s lost in the mail or if it was stolen from our front porch, that is a scary thought. However, we did received a mystery box of diapers, no indication of who it’s from. If you want to claim a gift, here’s your chance!


2 thoughts on “The super virus

  1. I can’t honestly claimed this gift. Might be someone that stole your other gift, opened it, realized your expecting, felt guilty and bought diapers in compensation. If I was an honest robber, that what’s I would have done.

    I have a soar throat but worked a full day today. I’ll see tomorrow but I don’t think I will develop this into something more serious. It happens few times this winter, I think this flu vaccine really worked for me after all.

  2. And to the “the Mamma”, I agree that it is unlikely to be coming from your family. The only one that took the LO in her arms is Marie and she is the only one that has nothing.

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