Sick but thankful

Yesterday (Sunday) I was thinking maybe I would take today (Monday) off work or work from home to recuperate from the busy weekend. Chris said to see how I feel in the morning and to stay home if I felt tired cause he didn’t want me to push myself. Well as always, my predictably weak body made the decision for me… I woke up with a sore throat. Ugh, stupid body, grow an immunity system already!

So I am staying home today to relax. Please send good thoughts my way that I don’t actually get full sick, again!

Whether it made me sick or not, I had an awesome weekend! The baby shower was a huge success (thanks mom!!!). I was happy to see everyone, the cake was adorable, the food was delicious, I didn’t hear too many scary stories, people told me I was all belly (I can’t hear that enough!), and yep, we made out like bandits. I totally thought I’d have to return a bunch of stuff that we wouldn’t want or stuff that we received doubles of, but there is honestly nothing to return! Everyone was so generous and we are so thankful.

Thanks to all this generosity I was able to do something really special. I had saved up a little money in my checking account thinking we’d have to spend lots to complete our baby needs after the shower, but since we only have a couple of little items left to buy I moved that money into my savings account. That might sound mundane, but it was just exactly the last amount I needed to patch up my paying-off-the-car hole.

Remember I paid off my car one year early as a Christmas present to myself? Well I’ve been saving diligently for the past 3 months to patch up that hole and now my car is paid off AND my account is finally exactly where it was pre-paying-off-the-car, hurray!!! I can’t tell you how good that feels, especially in preparation to having the baby. I am immensely glad I won’t have to make that monthly car payment during my maternity leave or on top of new baby expenses as we learn to adjust our income to them. That in itself was a HUGE gift for me and it was made possible, albeit indirectly and probably inadvertently, by all of you. Thank you!


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