How excited am I?

How excited am I? Let me count the ways:
Today is Friday.
Tomorrow is Chocolate Croissant Day.
Yesterday Chris’ family arrived to town and I got to see my niece for the first time in a long long while. Last time I saw her she was just a baby, now she talks and walks!
Yesterday was our last “labor school” class, it’s been fun but I’m glad it’s over!
This weekend is Easter. Hello chocolate coma!
And last but not least, tomorrow is my baby shower!!! And that in itself is a whole other source of various excitements: the party, the cake, seeing my grandma who traveled from Montreal for the event, the food, the friends!

With all this excitement in the air, how will I ever concentrate on work today or sleep tonight?! I’m practically laying on the floor spinning in circles foaming at the mouth excited!


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