Another doctor visit

Well Chris’ family is flying out tomorrow so that means I just lost about half of my blog readers for the next few days! Nevertheless, I wanted to tell everyone else about another great doctor appointment we had today.

Gabrielle once again tried her darn best to avoid the heartbeat monitor and/or to destroy it with kicks. The doctor said it would be good for me to start doing kick counts (count how long it takes to get 10 movements, should be one hour or less if everything is ok). Then she saw The Thing In My Belly wiggle violently and she said “well yeah, you must not be having problems feeling her all day long!” Indeed I don’t. She’s beating me to a pulp.

Then she looked at my weight gain chart. She did a double-take trying to figure out where I’m hiding the 34 pounds I’ve put on so far. She said “you look small compared to your chart.” Hum, thanks?

By the way, if you’re keeping track, I gained 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks. What in the world?! My thighs The baby must be having a growth spurt. It would explain why I’ve been suddenly feeling tired, cranky, and hungry for the past week. Plus I actually started to swell (my fingers, my toes, my feet, my ankles, even my calves are swollen) so I bet there’s a fair amount of water weight in there too. Oh, and maybe some of it is Girl Scout cookie weight. Just maybe.


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