Baby factory

I have learned that being pregnant brings you into a secret club where all other parents feel entitled to share their horror stories with you. People will come up to me, ask me a couple of questions about my pregnancy, then will go on a 10 minute ramble about never sleeping again and how tough the first 3 months are and blah blah blah and by the time you’re ready to snap about how demoralizing they are, they finish with “but it’s all worth it” as if that makes it all better. You know what? It doesn’t. Talk about raining on my parade. It’s not that I don’t know it’s going to be hard at times, I just don’t need to hear about it over and over!! It’s like you’re waiting in a line you can’t get out of and some little devil keeps telling you how horrible the end of the line is. Seriously, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

Anyway, that was my rant. I’ve learned to really appreciate the few people who only tell me words of encouragement or how blessed they really feel to be parents themselves. I love you, happy people! I’m really not worried about labor or newborns or how hard things will be. I am really happy about becoming a parent, hardships and all. But it just gets to you when you keep hearing bad things!

I hope there will be a lot of happy people at the baby shower this weekend, I’m actually a little worried about hearing more horror stories than I care to listen to. Maybe I should assign a happy person to be the happy police. The job of the happy police will be to hang close to me at all times and change the topic whenever someone start their “horrible ramble”. (Jill always has good things to say about being a parent, you’re it!)

Anyway, I was really writing to say that our apartment block is a baby factory! The people who moved in apartment 4 one month ago have a newborn (I’ve heard it cry though I’ve never actually seen it!) and we saw our new neighbors from apartment 2 at the breastfeeding class last night at the hospital! Before last night I had only caught glimpses of her in loose fitting clothes, so it was hard to tell that she was pregnant or how far along. As it turns out, they are due June 2nd, just one week after us, how incredible is that?! We told them last night how relieved we were that they were pregnant too so we don’t have to worry about being the horrible neighbors with the crying baby. They felt the same way!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Soon some of you will be traveling to California, can’t wait to see you all! The weather has been SO nice lately that I really thought the rain season was over for good… but apparently we’re expecting a big storm to hit all of the west coast this week so bring your rain boots!


One thought on “Baby factory

  1. Ariane,
    I will be your happy police any time you need me. You and Chris are about ready to enjoy one of the greatest moments in your lives. The first time you look at that little face and count those little toes is a memory you will never forget. I took a deep breath before giving birth to Molly, and just relaxed. I knew that I would do whatever it took to make sure Molly came out health and strong! If there was any pain trust me you forget it the moment you hear that first little cry and see that beautiful face. You truly never forget it. And to the people who are telling you there horror stories I say hush… why do people do that! Its truly a gift Ariane and Chris you are going to be such wonderful parents. We cant wait to see you!

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