Today is…

Today is…

  • The day I want cry in frustration
  • The day I want to punch someone in the face
  • The day I swear so much it would make a pirate cringe
  • The day I will eat nothing but chocolate to make myself feel better
  • The day we paid our taxes… dum dum dum!

Yep, today we did our taxes. You know, I wish there was a checkbox I could check somewhere on the application that says “We’re trying to save money to buy a house in a town that cost 20 times more than the national average, oh and I’m also pregnant and need to save money for the hospital bills, my maternity leave, baby costs and future college education. Please give us a break.” But no, I verified, that box doesn’t exist.

Somehow the government is absolutely convinced – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that we are making mad money and are filthy rich and deserve to pay gazillions of dollars in taxes. Apparently we make enough money combined to NOT qualify for any credits. Don’t they realize we are basically the poorest people in Santa Babara and live modestly in a small cramped apartment?!

You know, it really wouldn’t be so shocking to the system except for the fact that Chris is getting paid as a contractor on his side job right now, which means we get to pay his taxes in one big chunk at the end of the year instead of in every paycheck like a normal employee. This year it was a big fat $10,000 chunk. I KNOW it would be the same amount of money if we paid it throughout the year, but it just HURTS. I mean, it really rips your heart out. It rips it out, chews it, and spits it out.

When we were done filling, Chris commented on how well I was taking it (no tears, no obvious melt down), he really thought I would flipping out more. To which I replied, “I’m blogging about wanting to punch someone in the face!” What can I say, I have my outlets. I’m still trying to plan how many cookies I will need to make the anger go away. Or maybe I need some shopping therapy? Or loads of pizza? Or a room full of marshmallows to jump and hide and play in?! Ooh, I think that would make me happy!

Hope your day sucks less than ours!


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