The things you’d expect

It’s 1:30AM and I can’t sleep. Having gone to bed past 10 last night (which is late for us lately), I would think I would be sleepy. But then again I have expected more obvious things in the past that also didn’t happen, so what do I know?
My niece Molly who is coming next week will need a Pack N Play to sleep in at the hotel, so Chris and I made a trip to Babies R Us last night to buy one (financed by my inlaws, thanks guys!) since we will need it for Gabrielle anyway.
While we were there we also purchased a mattress (also a gift from the inlaws, thanks, again!) for the crib. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to finally have a mattress in the crib. The bed is baby ready! When we came home Chris said we could leave the mattress bare or put a blanket on top against cat hairs. But no, nuh-huh, no way, I was going to put a crib sheet on it and by god it was going to look like a bed! A real usable bed where a baby can sleep! It is going to look ready and I am going to sleep peacefully knowing one more thing is done. Well, that’s what I thought by I guess I was wrong!
Instead, I find myself awake, too excited about sharing my mattress news with you all. I find myself restlessly tossing and turning, my mind editing the blog entry I will write about it. Seriously, mind, staying awake to do some mental text editing?! Seriously?! So I figured I might as well just write it now and get it over with so I may get some sleep tonight. You would think I’d be typing this on my laptop, but no, I am typing from my bed on my iPhone, knowing all too well that moving to the laptop in the living room would provoke the cats into an acute FeedMe-itis which presents itself in common symptoms of Scratching The Couch, Chewing The Mail, and Generally Pissing Ariane Off. So instead, I am confined to the prison of my own bed and iPhone keyboard, knowing that is the only place the cats won’t beg for food. Mind controlled by my own cats, pathetic right?
The sudden insomnia could (just possibly) also have something to do with the fact that we ate at Olive Garden last night and I had the oh-so-delicious-sodium-platter (a.k.a. lasagna), will my body ever feel quenched again?! Oh but we love the lasagna anyway.
Last but not least, let me mention my most important accomplishment of the week, I mailed my citizenship application Thursday! I can’t believe I forgot to mention that yesterday morning! It is finally done and that is a reason to celebrate!


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