Maternity ward tour

You want to hear a really scary story? When we first went to Babies R Us initially to register we scanned a whole bunch of random items on site that looked good to us, including a baby sling that I thought was nice. Then when we got home we looked up the reviews for all those items and pretty much changed most of the items to ones with better reviews. That baby sling I had picked had bad reviews saying the baby’s head seemed pushed too much forward into their chest and that it did not look comfortable, so I removed it and added a more popular baby wrap instead.

That baby sling that I had first picked out? Is currently recalled for KILLING BABIES. Turns out it did push the head into the chest enough to stop airflow and babies just died asphyxiated without crying a peep. Imagine, if I hadn’t done my research and our baby would have been born earlier?! I’m getting goosebumps. Seriously people, do your research.

Anyway, on a brighter note. We had a tour of the maternity ward during labor school last night! This is getting real and I am excited! Honestly the day could not come quickly enough. They have 6 singles labor and delivery rooms where you do all your labor and delivering (self explanatory) and then some 30 rooms in the Mother & Infant recovery unit where I will stay for 2 days (assuming everything goes well). All of those rooms are singles except for 2 that are 4-bed wards, I’m really hoping it’s not too busy when I go in so I get a single!! I asked if some month were more busy than others and the nurse said September and May are always their busiest month. Great.

Anyway, when you deliver the baby is not taken right away like in movies, it stays with the mother to breastfeed immediately. Then they take the baby and dad together to the nursery to clean the baby. The rest of the time, the baby boards with me. The baby is never alone! This is what I really wanted, so I’m glad it’s something they do by default and it’s not some request I have to make.

Oops, it’s getting late, I better leave for work! Happy Chocolate Croissant eve šŸ™‚


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