Seperating the content from the wishy washy

I left work early yesterday cause I wasn’t feeling so well. My left leg has been feeling weird (sort of sore) since Saturday, my back was hurting like crazy out of nowhere, I had a headache and my stomach was upset. I went home and took a nap and felt better afterwards. My stomach calmed down and we ended up going to our birth class anyway cause I really didn’t want to miss it.

This class was the “New Parent” class. They didn’t teach you about caring for a newborn, it was about psychological and emotional aspects of being new parents. The nurse had explained to us ahead of time that it was going to be about your childhood and his childhood and how you plan to raise your child together. Chris and I have really not discuss at all how we plan to parent, so I thought they could bring up good points for us to discuss at home.

As it turns out, the class was pretty wishy washy. We discussed as a group the qualities of a good parent (communication, patience, I’m screwed) and things to avoid (not following thru on consequences, being close-minded, etc). Honestly I’m not sure parenting can be taught in a class or in a book. Your personality, for better or worse, is going to determine what kind of parent you are. That’s what I think, but then again I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.

Not to say that you can’t better yourself of course. She did bring up some good points that I’ll try to remember when the baby comes. She explained that (largely due to hormones) moms tend to be territorial over the baby and never let the dads do anything. Or nag that he’s holding her wrong, or putting the diaper wrong, or that’s-not-daywear-it’s-pjs-dont-put-that-on-her-it’s-the-middle-of-the-day-WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOING?! Etc, etc. It was my new year’s resolution to not cut Chris off when he’s talking, and I feel this might be sort of the same thing. Don’t cut Chris off when he’s taking care of the baby. That’ll be my new mantra!


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