Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!!!!!

    First, some facts about Pi. Of course, the first fact we learn in school is that the area of a circle equals Pi times radius², but here are some more fun facts about the number Pi!

    • Each year the Massachusetts Institute of Technology releases its admission decisions at 1:59pm on Pi Day.
    • March 14 is the birthday of Albert Einstein.
    • In the Egyptian pyramids, the ratio of perimeter to height of the pyramids is approximately 2Pi
    • The average sinuosity of any river is 3.14, sinuosity being the ratio between the river’s length (if you were walking along the river bank) and the distance from its source to the ocean (aerial distance).
    • Buffon’s needle problem: If you drop needles a sheet of lined paper, the percentage of needles that fall on the line is 2L/WPi (where L is the length of the needle and W is the width between the lines).
    • Given a large collection of random numbers, the probability of any 2 having no common denominator is 6/Pi

    I also promised you a fun problem too! When Chris and I were dating, he found the book Fermat’s Engima on my bookshelf. I had to read it for my Number Theory class, but it’s actually a really fun read. Anyway, at that time Chris read outloud one problem mentioned in the book and we really enjoyed arguing about it! Here it is, quoted directly from the book:

    “A truel is similar to a duel, except there are three participants rather than two. One morning Mr.Black, Mr.Gray, and Mr.White decide to resolve a conflict by trueling with pistols until only one of them survives. Mr.Black is the worst shot, hitting his target on average only one time out of three. Mr.Gray is a better shot, hitting his target two times out of three. Mr.White is the best shot, hitting his target every time. To make the truel fairer Mr.Black is allowed to shoot first, followed by Mr.Gray (if he is still alive), followed by Mr.White (if he is still alive), and around again until only one of them is alive. The question is this: Where should Mr.Black aim his first shot?”

    Good luck! I’ll post the answer tomorrow!

    Oh, and one little bit of very exciting news: my good friends Jenny and John are FINALLY engaged as of yesterday!!! Yay!!! They are in Mammoth for the weekend to ski and he proposed on top of the mountain! I can’t wait to hear all about it when she comes back.

    Have a good Pi Day!


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