Go make your pies!!

So apparently someone decided to should save daylight for when people are awake, Chris and I are totally bummed. Our routines start so early and it was really refreshing to have the sun early with us too. But sadly after tonight we will have to share our sunshine with the rest of the people once again. Lame.

I went to the dentist this morning and the dental hygienist said my teeth were good. I find their response about my dental health vary wildly per hygienist. My routine has been the same for years, yet some hygienist tell me “wow, your teeth are sooooo clean! It’s so refreshing to see someone who really flosses!” and some are practically yelling at me “oh my god, your gums are so bad, you will loose all your teeth.” I conclude that all dental hygienists are insane.

And guess what? Chris’ paper deadline got extended. Whoop-ti-doo! Let me tell you, he was thrilled (feel the sarcasm). He worked on it last night and most of today. He has a meeting at 3 today to work on it some more with his adviser and co-author. He’s hoping they will finish it up quickly and send it in, although there’s a chance his adviser will say they should work on it tomorrow too. I think Chris will turn purple with anger if that’s the case!

Now finally, and this is important so pay attention, TOMORROW IS PI DAY!!! Pi day is an important geek holiday amongst crazy math fans like us, celebrated on 3/14 (like 3.14, the first digits of Pi, obviously). One celebrates Pi day by eating pie, learning miscellaneous facts about the number Pi, working on math problems for fun, and generally being really dorky. It’s lots of fun, and did I mention all the MATH and the PIE?! What’s not to love?! Last year we ordered pizza (hey, it’s a pizza PIE) and made chocolate pudding pie for dessert, we plan to do the exact same this year.

So go on, go prepare your pies now so they will be ready for tomorrow!! I’ll try to post a couple of fun problems on here tomorrow… Good ones. Not like the last one, which turned out to be real complicated (hey, Mr.Math major and Mrs. Math minor couldn’t even understand the answer!) and really not so fun and clever.


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